101 in 1001


I have a fascination with writing lists. Shopping lists, housework lists, to do lists. Yet my lists tend to fall into two distinct categories, the first are practical lists which tend to be quickly fulfilled while the second category is the rarer list of amazing things I would love to do and incredible places to visit. The two categories fall into short-term practicalities and then long-term dreams.
Yet while it is satisfying to tick-off completed items on the short-term list the actually tasks themselves are generally not thrilling, engaging or interesting. The long-term dreaming list has far too few opportunities to complete an entry.
So when I recently came across the idea of 101 in 1001, that is 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days, the idea of a medium term list seemed to appeal. It meant the satisfaction of ticking completed items yet including fun and interesting things to do. So I’ll keep my dream list of places to go like Japan but my 101 list has more realistic goals ‘Climb a lighthouse’, ‘Go to Skellig Michael’, ‘Fly a kite’, ‘Walk 40km in a day’, ‘Order room service’, ‘Go vegetarian for a week’ though still a few mundane things like buying some new furniture and getting new glasses that I have been putting off.
So start date is 1st September 2013 and the completion is 29th May 2016. So better start getting moving on my time-defined medium-term list.